Class 3rd English picture composition worksheets

class 3rd English picture composition worksheets solutions

“class-3rd english picture composition worksheet/garden scene .”

The picture depicts the scene of rainy season.

Its raining and a peacock is dancing in rain.

The sun is behind the clouds.

The river is full of water because of rain.

The trees looks green and fresh as all the dust is washed away with the rain water.

A farmer is  working in his field.

There are four houses.

All the people get inside their houses to keep themselves dry.

I love rainy season.

Class 3rd English picture composition worksheet/school

The picture is of Art and Craft class ,where the kids are making a card in heart shape.

One of the three girls seems very happy because she has already made her card. 

The boy sitting next to her is worried because he didn’t complete his work.

Kids sitting in first row are sharing their things.

The boy sitting on the first bench is still cutting the chart paper in heart shape.

There are so many books in book shelve.

Kid’s school bags are hanged to the wall.

Its a fun scene n seems all kids are enjoying working with each other.



class 3rd English picture composition/Cartoons

The picture is a scene of garden, in which my favourite cartoon chracter Doraemon is playing with his friends.

All his friends become small in size with the help of small light, which is Doraemon’s gadget.

Dorami and Shizuka are riding on a butterfly.

Suneo and Takeshi are enjoying eating dora cakes.

Nobita is sitting on a flower.

Doraemon is resting on the bed of flowers. It seems like spring season is going on.

I love watching Doraemon because it gives me knowledge about future gadgets and science .Also, it give me a good laughter and fun as well.



class 3rd english picture composition/festivals

The picture is about celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi which is  a popular festival in mumbai.The celebration goes on for ten days .

People bring Ganesha’s idol at home, worship Him n distribute prasad.

After  ten days Ganpati’s idol immersed in near water bodies.

People celebrate it with lots of enthusiasm.

In the picture, Ganesha is drawing a picture of His  rat,which is considered to be Ganesha’s vehicle.He is sitting in hills covered with snow and clouds.

 Ganesha wore a beautiful cap and a necklace.Ganesh is making a portrait of the rat and enjoying.

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